25 Tips To Increase Blog Visitor Using Social Media.

It is not easy to increase visitors on a new blog. You need to work hard for a good increase in the visitor. The main key is to share your posts as much you can through social media. Blog owners always are frustrated with low traffic. At starting time, every site or blog gets little traffic. To get more visitors, you should follow some rules. On the other hand, SEO is very important for traffic. Today I am going to share 25 tips to increase blog visitor using social media.

25 Tips To Increase Blog Visitor

Now Grab all social media and increase blog visitor easily. Just do the following work-

    1. Create a page of your blog on Facebook. Share your blog posts regularly. Use #tag always. Beside page, share the post in your Personal FB account.
    1. Create a group on Facebook and add targeted user.
    1. Make a list of friends and tell them to share your post in all social media.
    1. Join in Reddit and share your posts.
    1. Join in StumbleUpon and share your all posts. StumbleUpon gives the instant visitor.
    1. Open a page on Twitter as your blog’s name. Share your post using #tag.
    1. Place social media button on your blog and under every post.
    1. Add RSS Feed button in your blog. Create a Feed Burner.
    1. Add Email Subscribe Box in your blog.
    1. Try to Reply all your comments.
    1. Join in Linkedin a rapid growing professional network. In your profile Add an Organization and share posts in it.
    1. Join in Digg and share your posts. Best social sharing site 2015.
    1. Join in Google+ and share your posts. A fast-growing site. First, create a business page.
    1. Join at vk.com. Sign up and create a community page. Share and publish all posts.
    1. Create a page in Tumblr and share your posts
    1. Join in Medium and share your posts. It’s an open sharing platform.
    1. Join in Instagram with the blog name and share your post image.
    1. Join in Google+ Community and share your posts.
    1. Create an account at tsu.com and share your posts. Tsu is a very popular social media nowadays. All over the world people are using it.
    1. Xing.com is a site like Linkedin. It offers much more than LinkedIn doesn’t. Simply open an account and update profile. After that add people and share
    1. Make short videos about your blog or product. Upload on YouTube and link it on your site.
    1. Add your blog link in an Email Signature.
    1. Join your Blog Related Facebook Group and share your tune.
    1. Keep contact with Successful Blogger and always try to learn something from them.
  1. Install Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Linkedin, Digg, vk.com, Google+, tumbler App in your Smart Phone and always track your posts. It is easy to share from Smart Phone.

Don’t worry the first time for low traffic status. Following these 25 tips to increase blog visitor, you will find more as well.