Does Blogging in 2019 still work?

Today I’m going to share with you If blogging still working in this twenty nineteen! Every day we search for topics/solution/tutorials many times. There are over billions of blogs on the internet. In a research, it is showed that there are 7 blogs for every single person on the web. If you have a blog and you are wondering if blogging is worth your time. Of course, it’s not easy to say. But following my best 7 tips, you will get the most of your blogging in 2019. Let’s start-

Blogging in 2019

Tip1: Focus on Quality, not Quantity: writing under quality articles is not your goal rather you should focus on your content quality. you can write post/content every day but technically you don’t need it. visitors engage in useful and informative writings. beside this google crawlers always searching for new and informative articles. I mean a bit unique item. Write a quality post every one week or every 15 days. Pick a time whatever you like and write amazing content. If you write unique content you will get more social sharing as well as more post boost. as a result, Google will rank you.

Tip2: Respond to Your Comments:  when you get new comments, you should respond to it. if anyone asks any question, you will answer it. you should make a conversation with your visitors. that’s what Google actually likes. At least give thanks. when there are no comments in your post, ask a question with a ‘?’ mark. This will encourage visitors to get more comments.

Tip3: Make your Blog Posts Conversational Use you and I within your blog post. this seems like a conversation between you and reader. Such as “You gonna search how to double your blog visitors. I can show you”  Conversational articles are easy to skim and it is liked by all visitors.