How Would You Know If Someone Hacks Your Online Accounts!

People using various accounts online but don’t always think about safety. If someone hacks your account, will you be able to detect it? Probably not! We all are worried about the recent increase in hacking and identity theft incidences? If Someone Hacks Your Online Accounts! ….Ok, Did you even hear that 1 in 4 online accounts gets hacked?

Always You are using Gmail, Dropbox, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook or Evernote accounts. So you need to be 100% sure that all accounts are protected and secured. Now you will be happy hearing that some people are trying to help you, they will let you know about hack attempts and related things.


Log Dog is a mobile Intrusion Detection System (IDS, also known as IDPS or IPS)* for your online accounts. It is actually a free internet security service that gives you an immediate alert of any suspicious activity in your all accounts. So instantly you can take action to protect your privacy. Intrusion prevention is as easy as 1 2 3 – and it is 100% free – Dev Says

What Does LogDog Do?

  • Log Dog secures your, Instagram, Linkedin, Gmail, Yahoo, Dropbox and Evernote accounts from hackers & spyware and keeps them private.
  • LogDog monitors your accounts’ sign-in location, times and various related parameters. If it detects anything unusual, it immediately alerts you so that you can prevent the hack by any step.
  • LogDog security software protects all major accounts like:

++Inform Facebook hacks that are getting common nowadays. LogDog doesn’t let anyone post statuses on your behalf on your account.

++Keeping files in Dropbox is common. So LogDog ensures all your Dropbox files safe and private

++Dododon’t let your Emails be seen by anyone else. Connect Email accounts with LogDog.

++You wouldn’t like your agenda to be hacked.

Developers Say –

Log dog is like a guard dog sniffing your accounts every few minutes and barking when it smells something suspicious.

How To Use-

  1. Download LogDog Mobile App
  2. Tap (+) Right Upper Corner or Tap Add.
  3. Connect the app providing Logging information of accounts.
  4. Stay relax LogDog will do all for your privacy and safety.
  5. If Someone Hacks Your Online Accounts, LogDog will let you know.

Last of all,

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